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Don Smith's Gospel Favorites started in September 1947. Many say that it has to be the longest running Gospel Music program in the World! The person who said this should know; because he has been around a very long time himself, Les Beasley!

In the beginning the Gospelaire Quartet would come on KMJ radio LiVE! They gathered around a piano in the studio in downtown Fresno and sang, "Give the World A Smile Each Day".  This is the song that Don Smith the Originator of the Gospelaires had sung for many years with the other groups he had been a part of..."the Echols Singers who became Otis Echols and the Stamps Melody Boys Quartet, later the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.  

For many years they had a live morning show at 6am the Dairymen said their cows gave better milk because of the good Gospel Music!  These songs were in some books called Stamps Baxter Songbooks all written in a lost art called shaped notes.  They also had "Singing Schools". At their "Sings" and "Singing Schools they sold these books. The Stamps Baxter Singing Schools" they taught attendees the art of singing Shaped Notes. According to the records @ KMJ these early morning "Charming Melody" programs stopped in 1963. 

The Song they sang on the Radio Programs were songs about the Love of God, they lifted peoples spirts and set the tone for the long hard day.


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“Give the World a Smile” was the theme song for the Stamps Quartet, and probably the first Gospel song to become a “gold record.” The basic lyrics for the chorus are: Give the world a smile each day, Helping someone on life's way, From the paths of sin oh bring the wanderers in, To the master's fold to stay, Help to cheer the lone and sad, Help to make some pilgrim glad, Let your life so be that all the world might see, The joy of serving Jesus with a smile!


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